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Raising aspirations at Falmouth University

We support students from all backgrounds to access our courses. Because creativity is in everyone.

Our Raising Aspirations Programme supports students from backgrounds that are less likely to attend university to access undergraduate study at Falmouth. We value diversity at Falmouth and work to ensure that all individuals feel included and welcome to study and work with us. We are committed to offering additional support to underrepresented students to remove barriers and raise aspirations to enrol and succeed at Falmouth. 

Raising Aspirations Programme

Our Raising Aspirations Programme aims to remove some of the barriers that underrepresented students may face when applying to university. All applicants are assessed based on our eligibility criteria and are then offered a support package based on their needs. If you fall under multiple criteria, then your support package will reflect this. Support could include personal statement advice, portfolio feedback, interview adjustments, mentoring and/or financial bursaries. 

Who we support  

To be eligible for the Raising Aspirations Programme, you must be a UK resident applying for an Undergraduate course at Falmouth for your first enrolment in higher education. You must also identify under one or more of the following criteria: 

  • Your household income is less then £25,000 or you received free school meals during your GCSEs
  • You identify as an ethnic minority
  • You are in care or are a care leaver
  • Your parents did not go to university
  • You are aged 21 or over when you begin your undergraduate studies 
  • You are disabled
  • You are a carer
  • One or more of your parents are in the Armed Forces
  • You live in an area with low higher education progression

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How to apply for support

If you identify under one or more of the above criteria you can apply for support at any stage of your higher education journey.   To apply please complete our Raising Aspirations form and one of our team will be in contact with you. 

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Applying with an Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)

Depending on the course you want to study, you can apply with an Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) if you do not meet the standard entry requirements.

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Outreach opportunities

If you’re a teacher or advisor and want to work with us to help your students along their higher education journey, visit our Outreach page. 

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Advice for parents and carers

Raising Aspirations at Falmouth aims to help individuals from underrepresented backgrounds get access higher education opportunities. We can support your child through projects run within their school of college or by providing direct support when they’re applying to university. 

Parent and carers FAQs

This means that their school or college has developed a partnership with Falmouth University to offer them extra opportunities at school to help their higher education journey. This could be workshops to help them understand what university is and how it could be an option for them, or a general skills development programme. They could have been selected for a few reasons, such as your geographic area has low enrolment at university, or your child’s achievements at school shows potential for higher education. Talk to your school project lead or get in contact with us here if you’d like more information. 

You can help your child in several ways, and we’re here to provide you with resources to help advise them on their higher education journey.  


If they’re considering applying to university this year and fulfil our Raising Aspirations criteria, encourage them to apply to our Raising Aspirations Programme here 

Our schools and colleges projects are aimed at supporting any student to start their Higher Education journey, regardless of the university they may consider. Many of our projects will offer guidance of processes and information to help them make informed decisions. However, some of our projects will focus on the Creative Industries or specific academic areas, depending on what the school or college has requested from us. 

Our Raising Aspirations Programme is aimed at students considering or applying to courses at Falmouth. This support can be at various stages of their journey including initial research, applying to Falmouth, enrolling at Falmouth and finally, studying at Falmouth. Talk to our team to find out exactly what this support could look like. 

If your child is at an age where they are preparing to apply to university and they fulfil one or more of our admissions criteria, they can apply directly to our Raising Aspirations Programme. More information is available above. 

If your child is still at school, but not ready to apply to university just yet, they can sign up to our online events. These aim to offer more information about Higher Education and university, as well as developing skills to support their Higher Education journey. 

Undergraduate study

Find out more about studying an undergraduate degree at Falmouth University. Explore our courses. meet our community and discover our world-class facilities. 

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