“You are good enough”: Why I chose to study Visual Communication online

10 February 2022

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This piece was written by Visual Communication BA(Hons) (Online) student Rosie George

BA Visual Communication (Online) student Rosie George chats about how the course suits her lifestyle, the array of passions it is enabling her to pursue and the bright future that lies ahead

I was drawn to the Visual Communication BA(Hons) degree because it seemed like an amalgamation of the things that I enjoy. I didn´t want to choose a pure photography or pure fashion course, because I have so many more passions and interests. This course seemed to have a variety of creative topics which really spoke to me.

As for an online degree, I was hesitant as I have done online courses previously and I didn´t find them incredibly engaging. However, I am constantly travelling and a physical degree just wouldn´t suit my lifestyle. Now I am on the course, it is so much better than I could have imagined. I have freedom and flexibility and the Visual Communication degree is extremely engaging.

I also went through Clearing, and I feel so lucky that I was able to join the course so late in the game! Studying online was a bit daunting at first but you soon get into the swing of online webinars and classes, and for me it's much more comfortable.

So far, the most enjoyable part of the degree is the variety of topics that we study and the ability to learn from anywhere in the world. I love the exciting resources and most of all the workshops - I have learned so much and have gained so many new skills already.

The course community is getting stronger and stronger.

I love learning about new artists and the opportunities that are available to me. Before the course, I had no idea in what creative direction I wanted to go in, but the Visual Communication degree has already helped me refine my interests and learn about what possibilities lie ahead after graduation.

I would recommend studying online to anyone whose lifestyle doesn´t align with traditional learning. This way, you feel much more in control and free. However, if you are someone that needs constant guidance or structure, it may not be for you. But the future is digital, and I think this kind of studying is going to become much more commonplace. It allows people of all walks of life to have the confidence to complete a degree.

When it comes to making physical work and sharing it online, I am still getting to grips with how to document my work in its best light. But the online studio is a fountain of information and inspiration. It is much easier than you would expect to share your work online. I employ a range of digital and analogue methods and scanning and photographing on a mobile phone is a quick and easy way to share analogue work online. Posting quick snapshots or updates on the online studio is easy too, and a great way to keep updating your inspiration archive, keep track of your work and interact with other course mates.

The course community is getting stronger and stronger. We keep in touch via the online studio, and it is wonderful to see what other people are up to as well as to receive and give feedback on our work. Additionally, we have a social studio which is a fab way to connect outside of the academic setting.

I love the course so much and am so excited every week, so if you are creative in any way, it would be a great choice for you. Don't feel any pressure to be good enough – you are good enough. I love the accessibility of the workshops and projects, and the feedback and online studio are great ways to learn and grow. Just so long as you have a passion, the rest will come.

Studying online has solidified in my mind that the world is changing. We are adapting our society to fit into online spaces, giving us more freedom and flexibility than ever before.

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