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Waving Bear Studio, an indie games start-up from Falmouth University's Venture Studio, Launchpad has released its first game on Steam.

With their game, Stuffed, the team is introducing a new audience to the first-person shooter (FPS) genre they love, creating an FPS game that can be enjoyed by all ages while still offering a fast-paced and slightly spooky shooting experience.

Stuffed takes place in the dreams of a little girl, Ellie. Players take on the role of Ellie's teddy bears, defending her from endless waves of nightmares including sinister gnomes, fanged rubber ducks, menacing robots and eerie shadow creatures. At the players disposal is a wide range of unique DIY weapons, ranging from machine guns made from skateboards to shotguns made of wrapping paper and explosives made out of popcorn!

Procedurally generated maps offer players a unique experience every time they play, meaning no two games will be the same. Earn points to level up your bear, open new areas of the map and find new weapons to take out the enemy waves. Stuffed can be enjoyed solo or with up to four players online co-op.

The early access version of Stuffed will be available on Steam from December.

Ashley Wharfe, Director at Waving Bear Studio, explained: "We're committed to taking a 'player-first' approach to development, and have put a lot of focus on public betas, gaming conventions and conversations with audience via social channels to shape the development of Stuffed. We've chosen the early access route to allow us to work more closely with our community to refine the gameplay experience and shape the future direction of the game."

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