Pedagogy Futures

Pedagogy Futures

This programme addresses themes from staff wellbeing and industry engagement to the future of teaching and learning in higher education. Our projects investigate pedagogy from different disciplinary perspectives with innovative outcomes for the sector, wider culture and society.


Programme overview 

Pedagogy Futures is a collective of scholars developing pedagogical research that contributes to the institution, the higher education sector and wider society.

We develop models for engaging with the creative industries as a means to research and teach, and develop models for teaching and learning in a fast changing higher education sector that honour traditions of education while responding to new demands and needs caused by technological and structural shifts.

Our projects aim to develop large-scale, innovative pedagogy projects that are inter/transdisciplinary in nature, output and impact; support staff in the move from practice and teaching to research and innovation through engagement in pedagogical projects; support all staff in the delivery of pedagogical projects and events; showcase good pedagogy practice across and beyond the institution – particularly around ‘Doing it for Real’ and in preparation for KEF; validate pedagogy within the institution and value staff contributions in teaching and learning, student experience and attainment.

The key questions we address are:

  • How can pedagogy (re)assert its value in a neo-liberal, market and metric driven higher education sector?
  • What will the future of pedagogy in higher education look like and how can technological and structural challenges be met while protecting education as a social good?
  • How can innovative and radical pedagogies drive thinking in terms of communicating ideas, amplifying voices and addressing societal challenges in the academy and beyond?
  • How can universities prepare students for life in an ever-more precarious global climate?
  • What does a pedagogy look like that responds to the spaces and places of its locale, using Cornwall as the site and stimulus of activity?
  • What are the roles and functions of pedagogy in a climate emergency?

Programme lead

Dr Neil Fox seated
Dr Neil Fox

Dr Neil Fox

A senior lecturer in the School of Film & Television, Neil is the co-founder and host of the acclaimed film podcast The Cinematologists in partnership with Dr. Dario Llinares at the University of Brighton. It is Mark Kermode's favourite podcast and as he says “for intelligent, informed cinema debate, The Cinematologists are hard to beat".

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Some of the projects within this programme include:

Film and TV students from Falmouth University filming a scene on a beach with blue sky
News_SoFT Film Wilderness 4
Camera Assistants are Film students David Anderson and Ryan Weekley. Image by Andrew Wright

Sound/Image Cinema Lab

Based at Falmouth, Sound/Image Cinema Lab has produced a number of regional and national documentari...

Sound/Image Cinema Lab
Green and red dice with words on
Designdice hero image


designdice™ is a set of nine co-ordinated dice which are used as a tool to help the creative proce...


Varyon VR

Varyon VR is a virtual theatre space for live and pre-recorded performance.

Varyon VR

PhD & MPhil researchers

PhD and MPhil researchers aligning with the Pedagogy Futures programme include: 

NameThesis title
Dwayne RobertsUnlearn to Navigate Crises: Toward a Pedagogy of Nothingness

Research opportunities

Alignment criteria​

We welcome doctoral students interested in creative, radical and innovative pedagogies, arts pedagogy, pedagogy and the climate emergency, pedagogy and crises. We welcome applications for PhDs and Professional Doctorates.

How to apply​

Applicants may apply by submitting a project idea of their own or by responding to one of our Falmouth Doctoral Project briefs

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Photo by Anthony Luvera