The Metamakers Institute undertakes computational creativity research with the aim of stimulating economic development by making software a creative collaborator.

Programme overview

The programme demonstrates the creative potential of software, with software systems that are built initially for experimental research, but can be commercialised. The programme aims to stimulate economic development through research, public engagement and commercialisation activities. 

Core research questions include:

  • How can software become more creative and responsive?
  • Can humans and computers work together creatively?
  • How can computational creativity enable wider participation with digital creativity?
  • How can computational creativity aid rapid prototyping?

Programme lead

Tanya Krzywinska staff profile image with a hat
Tanya Krzywinska
Tanya Krzywinska

Professor Tanya Krzywinska

Over the course of her career, Tanya has had published many articles and books on screen-based and interactive media fiction. She became president of the Digital Games Research Association in 2006. She is currently writing a monograph, Gothic Games for Palgrave and developing a ‘ludic’ fiction entitled The Witch’s Room for the iPad.

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Some of the projects within this programme include:

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The Logic of Imaginary Scenarios

In this work, we review some influential theories of imagination and use their insights to distill an algorithm describing such process. Then, we use this algorithm to define a dynamic logical system built upon on a single-agent epistemic logic that provides the necessary tools to capture how the agent voluntarily creates new imaginary worlds. 

The Logic of Imaginary Scenarios
BA(Hons) Digital Games - Remnant Village Night
Work by Luke Philp-Hines

2019 Projects

Browse through projects and articles associated with this programme produced in 2019.

2019 Projects
Digital illustration of mountain scene with cloud made with various hues of blue.
BA(Hons) Digital Games - Remnant Overlook
Work by Luke Philp-Hines

2018 Projects

Browse through the projects and articles associated with this programme produced in 2018. 

2018 Projects

Research opportunities

Alignment criteria​

We welcome applications for PhD or MPhil that align with the Metamakers programme. ​

How to apply​

Applicants may apply by submitting a project idea of their own or by responding to one of our Falmouth Doctoral Project briefs.

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