Living in Falmouth

Picturesque buildings on Falmouth High street.

Becoming part of your community

Cornwall is a great place to live, from stunning beaches to wild headlands and buzzing coastal towns, you'll have lots to make the most of while you're here. We encourage all our students to get stuck into the local community, whether it's through making the most of the beaches, the festivals or by being a good neighbour.

Top tips for being a good neighbour

Whether you're living on-campus or off-campus, it's important to be a good neighbour. Here's some tips to help you:

1. Car parking

You can get around by bike, bus or train while you're at University, so unless you need it, it's best not to bring your car. If you must have a car, you'll be responsible for abiding by the local parking rules, including getting a Resident Parking Permit, if necessary.

2. Beach bonfires

We live in a beautiful area, and there are bylaws in place to protect it. These include ones that mean open fires aren't allowed on Falmouth's beaches in order to keep them clean and safe for all users. BBQs are permitted on Gyllyngvase, but only in the designated area to the left-hand side of the beach (look for the signs when you arrive).

This helps support the hard work that goes into ensuring that Gylly retains its valued Blue Flag status. You can do your part by making sure you dispose of BBQs and any other rubbish when you leave.

3. Living in privately-rented accommodation

If you're going to be living in privately-rented accommodation then here's some advice that might prove handy.

Being on good terms with the people living next door can be really helpful – you can find out a bit about them and how they live their lives, and it will be easier for you to appreciate any concerns they may have.

  • Check the inventory that the landlord should have provided
  • Take date stamped photos of each room, so you have a record of the condition of the property
  • Read the utility meters
  • Take a look at the gas certificate
  • Check that there are smoke and carbon dioxide alarms in place and that they're working

It may be a simple thing, but with our winged friends the seagulls around, it's particularly important to keep on top of your rubbish!

  • Use a bird/animal proof container such as a dustbin with a secure lid
  • As an alternative you can obtain a free seagull proof sack from the Town's Information Service on The Moor
  • Do you part and recycle using the proper bags/boxes available free of charge from Cornwall Council
  • Put your rubbish out for collection no earlier than dusk on the day before collection and remove your bins and boxes from the street one they've been emptied. Collections are on Tuesdays in Falmouth and Penryn
  • Don't put garden waste, bulky items, electrical equipment, chemicals, batteries or clinical waste, such as needles or medicines, out with your household waste

No one can live without making a bit of noise, but it's the mark of a good neighbour to be considerate to those that live near. Here's some great tips:

  • Give your neighbours plenty of notice if you are planning a house party and give them your contact details, in case there's a problem
  • Never advertise your party on social media, this is both to help the noise but also to keep you safe
  • Encourage your friends to be quiet when they leave your house in the evenings, and not to gather outdoors. Even ordinary speaking voices, late at night, will disturb your neighbours
  • Minimise vibrations by moving TVs and speakers away from the walls and lowering the bass
  • Close your windows and doors to stop sound travelling

Explore Cornwall

Renowned surf beaches, stunning coast paths and the World Heritage Site industrial heartland. Our location offers countless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.

Discover your new home
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The inside scoop

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