Type: Gallery
Category: Our graduates

Fine Art graduate Manon Dowse has been voted the winner of the Great Art Visitors' Choice Award.

In November Manon was selected to exhibit at FBA Futures 2020 - the UK's largest annual survey showcasing the best in emerging contemporary figurative art.

Visitors to the exhibition, which finished this week, where asked to vote for their favourite artist. Manon received the most votes, picking up the Great Art Visitors' Choice Award with a prize of £250 worth of Great Art materials.

Manon exhibited two oil paintings in the show: Memories of a Soporific Mind and Snarl n Tug. These paintings enquire into the polemics of human relationships. Centred on the figures itself they intend to stretch into the beyond of human emotions such as, Love and Hate, Honesty and Deceit, Desire and Indifference. The distortion and reconfiguration of the bodily form ignites a sense of monstrosity alongside the familiar, perhaps even friendly, creating a poetical drama for the expression of feelings and ideas. The exposure of such vulnerabilities in these works are in many ways articulating an internal faculty, which ultimately drives the paint to canvas.

Mapping new practices and ideas of representation and draughtsmanship, FBA Futures 2020 presented over 80 works by 43 of the most outstanding art graduates of 2019.

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